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Garage Door Shop Nolensville, TN 615-619-0014Very often the most visible portion of a building is the garage door, which means that it can have one of the biggest influences on the overall visual appeal of any building. This is why many of our Garage Door Shop clients are opting for our custom design services, with garage doors tailored to provide maximum aesthetic appeal.

Our Garage Door Shop designers are very adept at working with clients to discover the specific kind of style and design which appeals to you, and translating that into a customized garage door design. Once the design has been arrived at, our specialist can work with you to select just the right building materials, whether it be with imported wood types, composites, transparent materials, or perhaps brushed aluminum, to translate your vision into reality.

Among the actual profiles we offer at Garage Door Shop are our custom overhead garage doors, bi-fold and tri-fold garage doors, bar-inspired garage doors, and swing garage doors. Every garage door we manufacture at our fabrication site is built with high-quality components that will provide maximum performance and long life. While they excel at providing easy access and sound security for your assets, custom garage doors go way beyond that, and also provide beautiful visual appeal to all observers.

High Security Locks

Since Garage Door Shop is very aware of the critical function garage door can have in terms of security for a residence or business, we make available to all our clients the best in high security locks for your garage doors. These are designed for outdoor usage and heavy-duty usage, so that you can manage access to your garage area in the most effective manner possible, increasing security for all of your valuables.

Shutters and Security Grilles

Clients in need of a very cost-effective solution for their security needs are encouraged to consider our Garage Door Shop inventory of security grilles and heavy duty shutters. These kinds of solutions are ideal for use in retail areas, and in situations where full protection from the elements is not necessarily required. Best of all, grilles and shutters present lightweight options which are very inexpensive, yet still capable of protecting your valuables.