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At Garage Door Shop, you’ll find the region’s most extensive selection of garage door components, from the leading name brands in the industry, in addition to a wide array of generic components which can not only provide value but are also very economical. For any kind of garage door parts or hardware that you may need for your garage door system, we should be the first place in Nolensville that you look.

Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Shop Nolensville, TN 615-619-0014One of the biggest functions of a garage door system is provided by one of its smallest parts – the garage door spring. Essential to the counter-balancing of weight during lifting and lowering, a damaged garage door spring can quickly cause your system to become completely immobilized. We carry a full line of garage door springs at Garage Door Shop, including extension springs, torsion springs, and a great many custom springs for special assemblies. Our experts will know exactly the kind of spring most suitable for your garage door system, to keep it in optimal working condition. We at Garage Door Shop can also provide the fastest and most thorough repairs or replacements for any kind of garage door springs, and we can also make recommendations to you about best practices for the specific type of springs used in your garage door system.

Torsion Springs

In a torsion spring configuration, the springs are attached to a metal bar which is installed over the garage door, and they function to transfer weight to the stabilizing bar. The stabilizing bar has a cable at either side which works in conjunction with another spring to open the door. This design facilitates the transfer of weight so that a very heavy door can be easily opened. The strength and durability of torsion springs are determined by their wire size, their spring length, and the inside diameter. It generally requires one or two torsion springs to accommodate residential garage doors, whereas heavier commercial doors typically need more than two torsion springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are usually mounted on a pulley assembly or on the doorframe of a garage door system. By stretching and contracting, these springs can manage the weight of a door while it is actually raising or lowering. A contracting extension spring pushes the door toward the ceiling, while a stretching extension spring provides the necessary counterbalance. Because of the extreme weights being managed by extension springs, they should never be serviced by anyone but a highly qualified professional.

Spring Repair

Garage door springs can also fail, because they are under such tremendous stress in normal operation. Because they bear the full weight of the garage door, springs are constantly being stressed, sometimes by as much as a ton of weight. What that means in practical terms is that any kind of failure of your garage door springs could represent a very serious issue, since the full weight of the garage door could come crashing down unexpectedly. This being the case, it’s very important to ensure that your garage door springs are properly and regularly serviced by Garage Door Shop technicians to keep them functioning optimally and safely.