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Garage Door Shop Nolensville, TN 615-619-0014Because we design, implement, and repair so many garage doors at Garage Door Shop, we have a great deal of insight into the maintenance of garage doors, and our specialists are ready to carry out that maintenance 24 hours a day. We also provide the fastest service to our customers in the Nolensville, TN area, because our mobile service vans are on the road constantly, ready to ensure your garage door is properly maintained and in perfect working order at all times.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Sometimes homeowners and business owners have the unfortunate experience of hiring service personnel to work on their garage door systems who may not be as qualified or knowledgeable as they should be. When this happens, there is a potential for something to be missed or serviced incorrectly, and that can lead to a much greater problem down the line, with the possibility of a major breakdown. Since garage door systems normally handle a tremendous amount of weight, any sudden breakdown while raising or lifting a very heavy door has the potential to cause a severe injury to household occupants or business personnel in the immediate area.

We at Garage Door Shop understand all this, and that’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that our service personnel are well trained and highly qualified to perform service and maintenance on all garage door systems for the safety of our clients. Our mobile service units are also equipped with all the high-quality components needed by commercial and residential garage door systems, so as to keep them functioning safely and smoothly. This makes Garage Door Shop the premier provider of garage door solutions in Nolensville, and we encourage all businesses and residences in the area to call us for a free consultation about any type of garage door system issues.

Garage Door Checkup

Because of a garage door’s intricate design, the inter-dependence of all components means that the failure a single part can cause a breakdown in the entire system. This is why regular maintenance is so essential to the long life and optimal performance of garage door system, especially in the case of heavy-duty garage doors which often bear a great deal of weight.

Our Garage Door Shop technicians have all the tools and knowledge necessary to identify problem areas before they get to the point where they might cause a breakdown, and they can provide the proactive services which will keep your garage doors operating smoothly. When you request a garage door checkup from Garage Door Shop, you can rely on the fact that one of our expert technicians will conduct a thorough review of your entire garage door system, including all those inter-dependent components which can be subject to failure. When we service your garage door system, you can count on garage door panels, door springs, door track assembly, and all garage door hardware to be serviced and adjusted as needed to maintain optimal performance, and stave off potential breakdowns.

When our technician does an assessment of your garage door system, the complete status of your garage door will be related to you in simple and clear language, with any recommendations for enhancement or upgrade included. If there are ways that the functionality of your garage door system can be improved, or that security can be enhanced, our technician will make that known to you, so that you are fully informed and better able to make the best decisions.

Off-Track Garage Door

Your garage door’s track assembly functions to raise it and lower it through an operating range smoothly and consistently, day after day. If anything happens to impact that assembly somehow, it may degrade the raising and lowering function, or disable it altogether. The most common reasons for a garage door going off-track are a broken cable, a sudden impact, and sometimes even environmental factors, like excessive moisture and extremes of temperature. Most frequently, only one side of your track assembly is affected, but that still means that the garage door cannot be raised or lowered. Another way that your garage door might jump its track is when the electric eye which detects solid objects is disrupted. Whatever the actual cause of your door coming off the track assembly, it’s a problem that has to be addressed professionally, and as soon as possible. This means that your best bet is to call Garage Door Shop, so that a fully competent and skilled technician can arrive in the fastest time possible to resolve your issue.